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Golang Type conversion

There is no implicit conversion in Go, and the type conversion needs to be explicitly declared.

The expression T(v) converts the value v to the type T.

Int, uint, and float can be converted to each other using T(v) expressions.

var i int = 21
var i64 int64 = int64(i)
var f float64 = float64(i)
var u uint = uint(f)

Byte, []byte, and string can be converted mutually using T(v) expressions.

var b []byte = []byte("golang")
var s string = string(b)

The following is a complete code example.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    var i int = 21

    fmt.Printf("int64(i) type is %T\n", int64(i))
    fmt.Printf("float64(i) type is %T\n", float64(i))
    fmt.Printf("uint(float64(i)) type is %T\n", uint(float64(i)))

    var b []byte = []byte("golang")

    fmt.Printf("string(b) type is %T\n", string(b))

Below is the program output:

int64(i) type is int64
float64(i) type is float64
uint(float64(i)) type is uint
string(b) type is string
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